Life Insurance

We all want to make sure we look after our loved ones so there comes a time when we need to consider our life insurance policy.  We want to be able to do this even if we are no longer around.  We at DW Financial Ltd are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process of setting up a Life Insurance policy.

You can set up a plan that will provide a lump sum payment and/or a regular income for a set period that is payable in the event of death.  This payment will be made to your dependants or next of kin based on how you set up the policy and your personal circumstances.  These policies can be set up to cover an individual or a family.

We will guide you through the process of setting up a Life Assurance policy. We will talk you through the different options to determine what level of cover best suits your needs. This will depend on the level of income you need to replace and the monthly premium you can afford.  There are different types of plans that will cover you for a specific term or for the whole of your life and many offer optional extra benefits.  We will go through the different options with you to ensure you are making an informed decision when setting up your Life Cover.  The cost of the cover will depend on a number of factors and and the options you choose can be altered to ensure you can manage the cost of the policy if needs be.  There is no point taking out the highest cover with all the extras if you cannot maintain that level of premium each month.

Once you are happy with your decision, we then go through the medical questions required by the chosen company and submit your application. In some circumstances, depending on a number of different factors such as your medical history, age, level of cover etc the life cover provider may require additional information.  Once the application has been accepted you can put the cover in place and take comfort in the knowledge that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure your loved ones do not suffer financially if you are no longer around.

LIFE INSURANCE   Caring for your loved ones

What DW Financial will do for you

Complete a Full Financial Review to ensure we have accurate information
Advise you on the level of cover required to replace your income
Review the recommended cover in line with your own requirements
Provide you with the best quotes on the Market
Guide you through the different benefits available from the Life Assurance Providers
Complete all relevant forms and questions required to submit an application for Life Cover
Liaise with the chosen provider to obtain acceptance for cover and put the cover in place
Review your cover regularly to ensure it continues to meet you needs

Our Process

Book a complimentary consultation
This initial meeting will last 1 hour approximately
Avail of free parking behind our office in the Supervalu Car Park or we can come to you
We will complete a financial review to allow us to make our recommendations
Arrange a second appointment to review and discuss the options available
Agree the level of cover and company you wish to proceed with
We will complete all relevant forms with you
Submit your application to the life company 
Our team will then see it through to completion
You will then receive your policy documents as confirmation of your cover

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