Executive Term Life Cover

Executive pension term assurance provides a lump sum amount for the family of executive employees in the event of their death while in employment before they reach retirement.

An executive pension term assurance is an occupational pension scheme set up and normally paid for by the employer. Therefore the premiums usually qualify for tax relief.  If the employee dies before retirement, the lump sum amount can help their family survive without having the employee’s income to rely on. The cover lasts until the employee leaves employment or reaches retirement age, which will normally be their 65th birthday.

Cover your staff from as little as €50 per month.

A €50 monthly premium can provide life cover of €450,000 based on a non-smoker aged 35 next birthday retiring at age 65.  The tax relief above is based on the current corporation tax rate of 12.5% (March 2018), assuming the employer is a company.

(Quote correct as at 01/10/2018)

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