Company Pensions

Employers have discovered over recent years that it is becoming harder to attract and retain high quality staff, as employees now look at more than just the salary on offer. They now consider additional benefits with company pensions high on their list.

A Group Pension Scheme, otherwise known as an Occupational Pension Scheme, is a pension plan set up by an employer for the benefit of the employees. Group schemes can range from two members to hundreds or even thousands of members.

At DW Financial we don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach to designing your company scheme. We place flexibility at the core of our research. Our goal is to ensure that whether it’s a life-styling fund, default strategy fund or tailored pension plan, we identify and implement the right solution for your company.

With a Group Pension Scheme, you can tailor the features of your scheme to suit the specific requirement of your company. For example, if you have a lot of employees you may want to reward different categories of employees in different ways. The flexibility of your company pension scheme will allow you to shape the benefits to your specific requirements.

With the Government’s plans for auto enrolment pensions on the horizon, now is the time to speak to DW Financial to arrange your company’s pension scheme.